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Laptop PCMCIA Ethernet Card and Wireless

If anyone read my previous message, I just installed Debian, very bare
boned.  I'd like to begin updating my system as well as downloading all
my backup files off of my server.  So during the install I configured
PCMCIA with all the Intel defaults.  My system was then able to connect
through my ethernet card to the internet and install all the updates. 
During the downloads however, an error would keep popping up here and
there between fetching files.

	eth0: Tx error, status 4 (FID=0157)

The previous is one example of many, the only part that would change was
what FID was equal to.  It happens each and every time apt-get fetches
files.  Any suggestions?  I also have a PCMCIA wireless card,
suggestions or links on how I might go about installing that?  Thanks in
advance, and the following are my system specs.

	Dell 8200
	2GHz processor
	512 RAM
	30 GIG hard drive
	Nvidia GeForce 4 Go 64MB

Thanks again.

~ Matthew

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