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The case of the missing Helvetica

I have a current sid machine.  If I open a GNOME 2 application with a
font selector, looking for Helvetica fails.  As an exercise, for
example, one might open Gnumeric, and type some text into a cell.  I
can change the font to "Arial" since I copied a bunch of fonts from
the Windows side of my laptop, but "Helvetica" doesn't appear in the
list and manually selecting it gets me something slightly unfortunate
that's very visibly sans serif but not Helvetica.  It's clearly not
that X doesn't believe in the font; I can draw things in
-*-helvetica-medium-r-normal--0-110-123-124-*-0-iso8859-1 just fine.

I know little enough about how GNOME 2 font selection works to track
down where this is going on.  (The larger problem is that I get the
same ugly font in Galeon.)  Any hints as to why this is happening?  Is
it something on my machine, or a (presumably reported) bug in the font

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