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Re: [newbie] Setting up network

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, Aryan Ameri wrote:

> Hi there:
> Untill now, I only got online using a dial up connection. Now i am going to
> dormitory, and in order to get online I have to connect to my dormitory's
> LAN. I can setup the network using the following two commands:
> ifconfig eth0 my.ip.add.ress up
> route add default gw my.gw.ip.address
> but it is so frustrating to issue these commands whenever I reboot my
> computer. I know there are ways to automate this proccess and there are
> progrms which setup the network on each boot. But I am not able to find out
> how. Can anyone please help?

Yes, it is very easy. Ethernet interface configuration is done in the file
'/etc/network/interfaces'. You can either set up a static IP in that file
or get address information through DHCP -- someone there should be able to
tell you what they use. Try 'man interfaces' for a man page describing the
format of that file.

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