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Re: Bad Debian (L.A.H.)

J. Lambrecht said:

> Does anyone now if the SuSE startup scripts would work on Debian, or are
> there more well-planned startupscripts available for Debian.

if suse's scripts are "well thought out" then I hope debian never
has them.

just last week I encountered a stupid problem with their runlevel
editor, it claimed that xinetd depended upon autofs! wtf is up
what that! And another thing that was strange, I have a homebrew
script on my SuSE 8.1 system which does not load on boot for some
reason. I have it in /etc/init.d and linked to it from rc5.d and
the system says services failed to start: "bb" (my script name for
big brother). Haven't looked into it a whole lot but I'm thinkin
SuSE has some sort of pre-processor for scripts and skips scripts
that don't conform or something, my script is just 3 lines. this
script works fine on freebsd, debian, redhat and solaris. Though
I may be doing something wrong..I don't *think* I am.

having a look at the startup scripts in suse 8.1 I see nothing
special about them.

and I have no problem with debian's startup scripts, I find them
very consistant.

if you want an example of bad init scripts have a look at some of
the commercial unixes like solaris, IRIX, and to a lesser extent
AIX, most of the init scripts don't even have any messages that
print to the console that tell you what is going on. One time
I had to fix a broken IRIX machine(hung halfway through startup)
had to go through all the init scripts adding in echo statements
so i could see where it hung .. HPUX has great INIT scripts, I
love how you can halt the system and stay connected all the way
to the point where it shuts down(you can even see it umount all
the filesystems!), and it shows the status on the screen. Though
this probably doesn't have as much to do with the init scripts
as much as other stuff on the system.

so, my opinion is whoever wrote that book doesn't have a lot
of experience

(and yes I paid for 2 copies of suse 7.3 pro, 2 copies of suse 8.0 pro,
and 1 copy of suse 8.1 pro, as well as 2 copies of suse pro office,
I am a SuSE fan to some extent)

(experienced in: debian(2.0-3.0 x86/sparc), redhat(5.2-7.3), SuSE(6.4?-8.1),
mandrake(7.x), stampede(0.x), corel linux, caldera 2.x?, slackware(3.x),
freebsd 4.x, Openbsd 2.8-2.9, Solaris 2.5.1-9(x86/sparc), HPUX 10.20-11i,
IRIX 5.x-6.x, AIX 4.2/4.3, Tru64 4.x..I think that's everything I've
worked with)

this concludes my biased opinion.

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