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Re: OK, I did my homework and red your answers carefuly

> USB modem uses device ttySL0 as default and Win Modem uses
> ttyLT0. I just want to ask whether wvdial looks in those device
> entries, because it finds no modems in my system when I make it
> search for a modem. Thanks.

I don't know about the status of these win/USB modems on linux but
if u'r sure yours is supported then maybe u should make a symlink
named cdrom pointing to the relevant device. As far as i remember
wvdial looks for /dev/cdrom and i'm sure u can specify this in
wvdial.conf though have'nt used wvdial in some time now.
Sharninder Singh
National Institute Of Management, Calcutta

'M.C.S.E - Minesweeper Consultant & Solitaire Expert'

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