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Re: Nvidia Geforce 2 capability's not fully used

You're using non-accelerated drivers.
Download the nvidia-kernel-src and nvidia-glx-src packages and install the accelerated driver. This is just sad, as it could all be done automagically, but nvidia won't provide docs and/or source to the community. :-(

You might also take a look at the apt-get.org linked deb rep.. There were some nvidia packages ready for use.

Section "Device"
	Identifier	"Generic Video Card"
	Driver		"nv"
This should be "nvidia" after you've installed the driver. And remove the lines which load dri and glcore.

I installed kernel support for AGP.

Turn this off. The nvidia kernel module has it.

I think i'm missing something in xf86config-4 but I don't know what.
How do I set this so I can run tuxracer?


Johan Ehnberg
"Windows? No... I don't think so."

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