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Linux, cell phones, SMS, etc.


I'm in the market for a new cell phone.  My basic requirements are:

- address/phonebook sync to PC (Linux of course)
- preferably inexpensive ($250 or less)

Are there any phones that can do this or do I have to get a
phone/PDA combo?

Also, I am curious if anyone has used SMS to send messages from a Linux
PC.  I don't want to do this over the Internet, I want to send the SMS
message with a modem, similar to how you can send alphanumeric pages
with sendpage/hylafax.

I plan to get service from either Bell or Telus and still haven't chosen
the phone (just in case there are any Canadians out there who know the
specifics of these companies).

Fraser Campbell <fraser@wehave.net>                http://wehave.net/
Brampton, Ontario, Canada                   Linux 2.4.20 AuthenticAMD

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