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unqualified recipient rejected: <fetchmail>

Hi all,

I keep seeing this pair of messages in my exim logs:

22:42:59 SMTP command timeout on connection from miguel (localhost) []
22:43:11 unqualified recipient rejected: <fetchmail> H=miguel (localhost) [] U=fetchmail

It happens every five minutes, which is the frequency with which my
fetchmail daemon does its polling thing.

I'm confused.  Since when is fetchmail a "recipient"?

So it seems that there's some kind of glitch in the interface between
fetchmail and exim, but I don't know what, or why.  I also never saw
this error before yesterday evening, and I didn't change anything in
either etc/fetchmailrc or /etc/exim/exim.conf.  I have been tinkering
with my .forward (exim filter) file in my regular-user account, but I
don't see how that could be responsible (especially since the mail is
still going through both inbound and outbound, and the filtering is
working flawlessly).

I've dragged my eyes over various parts of exim's docs, but I'm not
enlightened.  Does anyone have any help to offer on this?


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