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Re: Custom Kernel - Tux Boot-Time Logo Vanished Horror :)

On Sunday 02 Mar 2003 5:04 pm, Sebastian D.B. Krause wrote:
> "Console drivers -> Frame-buffer support". You can only see this
> option when you enable "Code maturity level options -> Prompt for
> development and/or incomplete code/drivers".

Thanks guys - I've tried that now and it worked - well sort of worked 
... I configured the console frame buffer driver for my card (Voodoo 3) 
and I now have Tux appearing on boot up as desired, except there's a 
slight difference between my new kernel's output and the bf24 kernel 
output : there's now a blank white area appearing to Tux's right, 
stretching all the way to the right-hand side of the screen - this area 
is just normal black with the bf24 kernel.

I guess the bf24 kernel incorporates some kind of generic frame-buffer 
driver that behaves differently from the Voodoo 3 one.   I'll have a 
play with this.

BTW: I'm slightly surprised that an "experimental" feature is enabled in 
the default Debian release boot-floppies kernel.  I wonder how 
experimental it is.

Thanks for the help.

Nick Boyce
Bristol, UK

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