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Re: Unidentified subject!

debian_newbie <jerryvb@ispwest.com> writes:
> How do I change the number of times I can boot up before fsck does a
> complete file system check? It does it on my Woody machine every 20
> times.

Other people have already mentioned tune2fs(8).

> Also, I'm using ext3 filesystem. isn't it a journalized fs? I
> thought journalized filesystems didn't have to be fscked?

The important difference is that ext2fs filesystems must be fsck'd if
the system is shut down uncleanly, ext3fs can recover without an
fsck.  That doesn't mean that the system never needs to be fsck'd;
there's always the off chance of a software bug or hardware failure
that causes minor corruption that you'd want to notice occasionally.

The suggestion I've heard is that you set the maximum mount count on
each filesystem separately, to something moderate and relatively
prime.  My laptop's root and /home partitions are set to 34 and 38
mounts, in some order.  (Yeah, so those aren't relatively prime.)  If
I boot once a day, each filesystem gets checked on average about once
a month.

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