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Stratitec CPU Builders System from SAM'S Club?

Has anyone used this system?

My current desktop (an ageing P166) has had mouse problems since it was
given to me and I have replaced the mouse 2 or 3 times.  It works better
for a while, but then performance degrades to near uselessness (as it
currently is).  I have decided that a new system that does not eat mice
is the only real option and I have been looking at the Stratitec kit at
SAM'S Club.  Looking at www.samsclub.com I see that they have a complete
system (less monitor) for $399 US with Linux preloaded.  Has anyone had
any experience with this system?  Pertitent specs are as follows:

	Athlon 2000+
	256 MB PC133 RAM (expandable to 1 GB)
	60 GB HD
	3.5" FD
	SiS Fast 3D Video (up to 64 MB shared memory)
	Integrated 10/100 ethernet
	56K modem
	ATX tower case
	Available 5.25" Bays -- 2 external
	Available 3.5" Bays -- 1 external and 1 internal
	4 USB 1.1 ports
	3 button mouse w/scroll wheel

Since Linux (Redhat) is installed I would assume that the modem is
either hardware, or otherwise compatible, although I will probably use
my old P166 and its modem as a gateway/firewall.  Any suggestions, here?

I am considering purchasing a Verbatim 40x12x48 internal CD-RW and
putting it in one of the 5.25" bays.

Is this reasonable?

Will it work?

The CD-RW only mentions Windows in its compatibility, but I assume that
is just for the software.  What software should I use for burning CDs
(data, music, video)?

Is there any way, short of wiping the HD and reinstalling, of easily
switching from Redhat to Debian.  I know how to maintain my Debian boxes
and would rather not have to add Redhat to the mix if it is not too
difficult to switch the distro.

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