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Question, extending snmpd


I have a private MIB for a custom hardware platform that I need to 
include in an snmp agent on my Woody Debian/Linux OS.  I have been 
reading up on using mib2c to create a .h and .c file.  Then compiling 
this output into the snmpd agent.  My goal is to have a local 
snmpd_xxx.custom.i386.deb package that I can include in a production 
system without needing to carry around the snmpd development 

What I really would like to know is-
1- Is there already a FAQ on the Debian way to extend snmpd?

If not,

2- At what level should I capture my changes?
 A- Capture my PRIVATE-MIB.txt into a custom-source.deb group.
 B- Capture my .h & .c files into a custom-source.deb group.
 C- Capture my snmpd into a custom-bin.deb file.

3- What is the Debian way to move through the steps listed above?
 A- Where should I locate the MIB?
 B- What snmp-dev packages do I need?
 C- How do I repackage this into a binary .deb?

4- Am I missing anything? (Like an easier way to do this thing?)

Any answers of RTFM will be gladly accepted as long as they come with a 
reference to the location of the FM :-)


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