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Re: decrufting system files (e.g. GNOME files)

* Rich Johnson (rjohnson@dogstar-interactive.com) [030302 10:12]:
> Hi folks--
>   I'm trying to clean out extraneous and old files from the system 
> directories.  I have some scripts to short out which files are known to 
> the current Debian configuration and which are not.  Many of the "are 
> not" files came from earlier versions of currently installed packages. 
> For exmample:
>   /etc/CORBA/servers/gdict.gnorba
>   /etc/CORBA/servers/stripchart-applet.gnorba
> were delivered with gnome-utils but are not part of my 
> currently installed current gnome-utils
> As a rule, can old such old conffiles be removed without causing too 
> much trouble?  I have ~450 of these cluttering /etc.

If the packages that created them are still installed, which I imagine
they're not anymore, "dpkg --purge packagename" *might* have done it.
--purge is similar to --remove, except it removes "support" files (not
sure exactly how dpkg --help phrases it though).


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