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Re: Debian security support for older versions

On Saturday 01 March 2003 22:44, Nathan E Norman wrote:
> I don't think you could have chosen a worse analogy.

Read the thread again. I was replying to Paul Johnson who could not understand 
that people can need security support for more than three years. To you I 
would say that Moores law relates to number of transistors, not to software 
nor the technology they implement. To clear my analogy: As long as the hose 
is on the vacuum cleaner, some people expect the whole system to work, 
cleaning personell rely on it for their professional work. If there is an 
embedded system out there running debian, then maybe somebody is relying on 
that thing to work for a long time /and/ stay secure against hackers. The 
security update feature of Debian is a reason to use it. Don't make ignorance 
a reason not to use it.


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