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        I find that I quite like Nautillus, even though I use it
        infrequently. I have, however, just recently started to have a
        problem with it that I can't seem to shake.

        When I open it, it tells me, one-by-one that the "sidebar
        panels have encountered a problem" and should be turned off.
        Also each of the various viewers "encounter errors while
        starting up" to view files

        This was a problem that came and went for a while, but now it
        is here all the time. I have deleted the various Nautillus
        files and directories in ~/ but still it persists. 

        This is the Nautilus from Woody, so I was wondering if anyone
        can tell me if there is a file somewhere to edit or delete, or
        if this problem has arisen for others before?

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  Keith O'Connell.                   -o)
  Maidstone, Kent. (UK)              /\\
  kroc@blueyonder.co.uk             _\_v

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