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Re: Cyrus admin

On Mar  1  3:51, Rus Foster wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've just installed cyrus-imapd and trying to use cyradm to add a user
> using the following command
> root@rimmer:~# cyradm -user rghf localhost
> localhost password:
> What is the "localhost password"? I've tried my login as well as root but
> I'm guessing I missed something in the README

In Cyrus' config file (/etc/imapd.conf) there should be the line 
"admins: <logins that you want to be admins>".  In the default config file
this line is commented out - you must edit the file before using cyradm.

The username given to cyradm is then a user listed as an admin and 
the passwd is the normal unix passwd for that user. 

You can then create user mailboxes by typing "cm user.<username>" at
the cyradm prompt for each user.


Jason Chambers (chambersj@chambersj.dyndns.org)
Leicester, England

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