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Re: secondary root account

Errol Neal wrote:
> I would like to know how to setup a secondary account on a Linux system 
> that would have the same abilities and privledges as the "root" user, say 
> an account such as "root2". I do not want to use sudo, because the people I 
> work for do not want to use "sudo" before every command. Does anybody have 
> any suggestions?

Other than educating them that sudo is good?  You do sudo?  I do sudo!

A common old style unix practice was to create a new account for such
users with uid=0.  Then the user can log into this root account.  Make
sure that you create a new home directory for this root user too.
Don't skimp and use the user's home directory as it is not root safe.
And it allows everyone to set up editing (vi versus emacs) as they
like it.

Example, my login 'rwp' so super user account is 'rwpsu'.  Create a
new account in /etc/passwd with the same line as my normal 'rwp'
account but with the uid changed to be 0 instead.  If you use shadow
passwords, recommended, then also duplicated the entry in the shadow
password file.  My home directory would be /home/rwpsu.


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