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Re: MySQL is eating up my RAM

[Please wrap your lines!  It makes it much easier to read, and thus more
likely that you'll get a response.  Anywhere between 70 and 80 is
acceptable; 72 seems to be a nice value.]

On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 06:04:13PM -0300, GBV wrote:
> Debian People,
> I have an Debian 3.0 2.4.18-bf24 running MySQL 3.23.49

Gah, RTFIG (install guide) and get a better kernel if you care about
your system performance :)

> Usually my mysqld stops because too many connections errors, what make
> me run mysqladmin-flushhosts to make it work.

Increase the connection limit.

> Another host in internet access this mysqld host via PHP.
> My process list become strange, and seens that all estabilished
> connections don´t disconnect normally.  Anyone have a clue? This
> mysqld behavior is normal? I don´t think so.

Yes, other people have explained (or at least given you a possibility).
If MySQL is choking under the load though, perhaps you need to use a
different RDBMS?  Both PostgreSQL and SapDB are Free, and are well known
for running huge DBs under high load.

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