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Re: Using one mailbox at ISP for many people

On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 03:45:35PM +0000, Jonathan Matthews wrote:
> Hi all
> [BRIEF SUMMARY - How do I segregate one mail stream from one mailbox 
> at my ISP into different users locally?]
> At the moment, I'm the only person using my machine.  However, having 
> installed the GNOME 2.2 backport, I've finally got a desktop that I feel 
> happy in sitting my SO down in front of and not worrying that she'll 
> find it so confusing that she runs screaming from the room.  Yes, she's 
> not the most technical of sorts, but she tries hard :-)
> I'm trying to set her up using, for the sake of simplicity and general 
> "nicely-integrated" reasons, balsa as her MUA.
> She's been using mail.com for a web-based account for a while, but it 
> sucks (slow AND featureless).  I'd like to get her up and running with 
> my machine, and using my email ISP.
> I receive all email to <anything>@jaycee.uklinux.net.  I'd like her to 
> have a specific one at that domain.  For the benefit of any 
> bottom-feeders harvesting the archives, let's say she's going to get 
> spammenow@jaycee.uklinux.net. :-)
> The problem is that I get only one actual physical mailbox at 
> uklinux.net, and all email to @jaycee.uklinux.net gets delivered to it.  
> The username it's sent to /is/ preserved in the headers, however.
> What combination of programs do I use to get one mailbox successfully 
> segregated when it hits my machine?  I'm using fetchmail -> exim -> 
> procmail at the moment, but I've lurked on the procmail list long enough 
> not to ask about using it as a MDA (or is it an MTA that it shouldn't 
> be treated as?).

fetchmail can separate them, _if_ the ISP doesn't strip out envelope
addresses from the Received: headers. Look for 'multidrop' in the


> Any help gratefully received and appreciated.
> -- jc
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