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Re: corrupt bash file

Gaaaaaaaaah!  Do not EVER send HTML mail to the list; quite a few people
just delete HTML in their mail filters, so they'll never ever even see
your messages.

On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 05:55:22PM +0000, FU2 ! wrote:
>    when trying to install debian it says that the file
>    "instmnt/pool/main/b/bash/bash_2.05a_11_i386.deb" is corrupt, then it says
>    it can't download it, i tried downloading the ISO file again in case it
>    didnt download right the first time, but it still doesn't work.
>    Do i need to download a different ISO or is there another way?

Have you compared the md5sum of your ISO to what debian.org says it
should be?

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