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Where to put environment variables?

I would like to add a JAVA_HOME variable as some of my apps seem to like

I was doing this by exporting it in /etc/profile and it was ok.

I was using my system loging in at console and then doing "startx". Today
I decided to startup kdm (/etc/init.d/kdm start) and when I logged from
there I notisted that the konsoles I opened didn't had the environment
variables I specified.
So I think kdm does not reads /etc/profile and then every think that is
started by kdm also does not get those settings.

What is the correct way to add environment variables then?

Thank you
Joao Clemente

		        	Joao Pedro Clemente
        			jpcl @ rnl.ist.utl.pt
					(when not working out)
					(when not sleeping)
					(when not surfing)
					(when not ... ;)

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