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RE: US Robotics 56K PCI winmodem + Woody

Having recently gone around this issue with a different win modem, I
believe that USRobotics has not released documentation for their
winmodem (which I also have)

I sidestepped the issue by buying a winmodem for $25 which is supported
(I didn't know it was a win modem when I bought it) from CompUSA. They
don't give a model number, just SKU #289204. It's actually an HSP56

A few days ago I stopped by Sam's Club, and I saw a modem which claimed
it was explicitly supported by linux... selling for about $15


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Subject: US Robotics 56K PCI winmodem + Woody

I've recently bought a US Robotics 56K PCI winmodem. I realized the last
part (winmodem) just a few days ago.

How do I install it in Woody?

Currently I'm using Woody, unstable/testing and kernel 2.4.20.

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