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phoenix - how to make java work?

hello all

much to my deslike, several sites that i refer to, have java content.
and despite my several attempts, i have not been able to run java under

here is what i have done so far:

download phoenix precompiled binary tar ball and expand it in

so, there is /home/sandip/phoenix/phoenix and it is executable. it runs
quite well

downloaded java binary for linux from sun's site. jre....... in my

chmod a+x jre....


renamed the folder to java. so, there is /home/sandip/java

in phoenix/plugins directory, make symlink to

yet, no effect.

any remedies please?

sandip p deshmukh

ps: i have also tried making symlink to the same .so file in ns600 and
ns4 directory as well. still no effect!

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