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RE: Kernel Configurations

> From: nate ,Sent: Saturday, February 22, 2003 9:35 PM
> GForce Hosting Support said:
> > I then rebooted.  It booted fine, but I still show 32 for 
> > (I set it to 256).  Am I missing a step here?
> as another poster noted, the limitation is probably in libc as
> well. I would take EXTREME caution with modifying this setting. I
> would not be suprised if a lot of things broke if you have some
> absurd number of groups a user belongs to.
> I don't have any hard evidence either way but wouldn't be suprised
> if that was the case. And I would personally never attempt changing
> the max groups setting myself, would rather do things differently
> perhaps using acls or something(acls should be available in ext2,
> probably ext3? and xfs at least, not in reiserfs as far as I know).
> nate

That would be really sad if it were true, Nate.
Not the absurd numbers, mind you, but changing this should be as easy as
modifying any other system parameter.
I used to have to change things like PAGE_VHAND_FREE on SCO and Ultrix, and
NGROUPS_MAX is the same kind of fish, it seems to me.

That said, acls(whatever that is) might be a more portable solution than
reconfiguring your libc6. :)

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