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audio recording is (still) fast



I started this thread in Dec. & kind of gave up on it for awhile, but
it's still happening intermittently & I've come up with some more clues,
so I figured I'll try again.. I'm manually adding some of the headers to
preserve the thread as kind of an experiment.. hope it works!

When I record from my laptop's mic (I've been using both gramofile & 
audacity), occasionally the resulting file plays back really fast. 
'file' reports a normal 44100 Hz .wav file:

kenneth@enlil:/mp3/tmp$ file new.wav
new.wav: RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft PCM, 16 bit,
stereo 44100 Hz

using 'play' from the sox package, I can play the file back @ 21033 Hz 
and it sounds closer, but still a little fast. Other wavs are playing
back normally, so it seems to be happening during the recording process.
(indeed, when recording with audacity I can see the little time indicator 
go shooting off into the future while the sound-form display appears to 
act normally)

I've noticed this happens after using my Hauppaugue usb wintv card,
which uses a module called usbvision that I patched into the kernel.
Obviously, it's a bug with that module & I will report the problem to
the authors, so it's not really a debian problem, but I still thought
this would be a good place to ask how to get the system back to normal
in the meantime... maybe the problem is obvious to somebody who actually
understands how sound works. Rebooting doesn't fix the problem when it
happens, in the past I've just always left it alone for a couple of days
and eventually it works again

I usually manually 'modprobe usbvision' if I want to use the tv card,
unfortunately I can't get the system back to normal right now to test if
that alone is enough to screw it up, or if I have to actually use it..
if it makes a difference.. 

The laptop in question uses the i810_audio module, I tried 
'modprobe -r'ing it, but it claims to be in use. I am using the OSS sound 
drivers, not alsa. it's sid with a customized debian 2.4.19 kernel

Any thoughts appreciated,

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