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Re: can anyone recomend an application ??? ...

Dave Selby wrote:

I need an application to remind me when certain events are due, ie wifes birthday etc !!, I have tried korganiser, which has an alarm facility to flash a warning on the screen. This is AOK if the system is up and I am logged on as that user at the time of the alarm. When I log on later, no alarm.

I need an application that will warn me when an event is comming up, and if I am not logged at the the time of this pre-set alarm, it will remember the alarm and alert me as soon as I do log in.

I have also looked at remind, but I could do with a GUI, and I have looked at gkrellm with the reminder plugin, ... I dont need all that info !!

Any suggestions ?
Is there a way to tweek korganiser ?


Take a look at jpilot.


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