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Re: X windows w/ no screen error

Scott Henson wrote on 2/9/03 10:41 pm:

>On Sun, 2003-02-09 at 
>17:30, iggy wrote:
>> Hi all.  My fresh install of 
>debian will not allow me to 
>use  gnome as i'm getting 
>errors with x windows.  My 
>question is,  what file do I edit 
>to configure screen 0? Thank 
>you for your  time and 
>consideration.  -iggy 
>Generally dpkg-reconfigure 
>xserver-xfree86 as root will 
>get you back to the original 
>configuration utility ran at 
>install time.  Also lspci -vv will 
>give you detailed 
>information on your video 
>card(along with the rest of 
>your system).
>P.S. wrap your lines at less 
>than 80 characters
>Scott Henson <debian-

I tried running it several times.
I think I know what my error is.
I'm probably inputing the
incorrect address for the 
video card.  lspci -vv states
that the address of the video
card is 01:00.0  
/etc/X11/XF86Config-4 wants
the address in the form
what is the trick here?Perhaps
if I can input the correct addy
in the correct form, this
mess will clear up. Thanks
again.  -iggy

ps.  Sorry about the 80
characters.  I've been writing
theses emails on the Palm OS.

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