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Re: Video card change on working system

Mike M wrote:
I am going to change my video card to another brand on a working Debian 3.0 system. The monitor will not be changing. Is there a published procedure for doing this somewhere?

Something like this?

1. backup stuff
2. disable kdm
2. power down and change video card
3. power up
4. as root, run one of:

X -configure

5. as user, run startx
6. tune

What if this get hosed? I see why test based email clients are a good idea. Should I plan on setting up a text email client prior to the change so I can ask for help?

Boot into console mode, then just do XFree86 -configure as root,
and copy the new card info to /etc/X11/XF86Config-4. None of this
should break the system.

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