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Re: esd + alsa : bad sound ?

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Once upon a time Andreas J. Guelzow wrote @ 07 Feb 2003 09:32:08 -0700

> On Fri, 2003-02-07 at 05:36, Mohammed Sameer wrote:
> > I've got a new soundcard, installed alsa
> > but esd gives bad sound.
> > i've installed libesd-alsa0 but no change
> > 
> > anyone have any suggestions please ?
> > Debian woody + alsa 0.9rc6
> > 
> We used to have bad sound with woody and alsa/esd. (It sounded like
> the sound was in a long tunnel.) It turned out that all that needed
> doing was to play with the settings in the alsamixer. Specifically to
> make sure that all the required channels were not muted.
> Sorry that I can't be more specific but unmuting the right channel was
> the main issue.

Thanks for replying & sorry for late!

No it's not that exactly, it sounds fine but with random soundes
appearing as if the speaker wires are not well "but they are ;)"
Don't know how to describe it :(

All the channels are not muted, I tried playing with the mixer but no

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