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mnoGoSearch, mySQL, pgSQL und PHP4


I try to get MnoGoSearch running with mySQL und _without_ pgSQL. There is a 
package "mnogosearch-common" which seems to rely on pgSQL and does not 
support mySQL. Then there is "mnogosearch-pgsql", but no "mnogosearch-mysql". 
Which packages do I need to run mnogosearch with mysql and without pgsql? Is 
that possible at all using debian packages?
Another problem ist the integration into PGP. I found a "mnogosearch-php" 
package which seems to be the PHP frontend. The frontend relies on the 
PHP4-mnogo-Module. But I can't find a "php4-mnogo" package. Do I need a 
special package to get the mnogo-PHP-api running? Which package do I need?

Thank you very much,

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