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Re: ogg to mp3 audio (also via 8233a question)

Jack Pistachio wrote:

> Well, I'm actually not sure I need to.  I'm making a cd for
> my brother to use on his mp3 capable DVD player.  I assumed
> that the player wouldn't be able to handle ogg encoded
> files.  Perhaps I'm wrong?

Most likely you're right. However, one thing you should be aware of is
that transcoding between different lossy encoders (both mp3 and vorbis
are lossy) tends to produce poor results. Lossy compression always
introduces some artifacts in the signal, and lossy encoders are not
designed to deal with artifacts introduced by another encoder. Because
of this, an mp3 file translated from vorbis, or a vorbis file translated
from mp3, will sound noticeably worse than if it had been encoded from
the original uncompressed source. This sort of transcoding is generally
not adviseable, though the result can be tolerable if you expect to be
listening to it in a situation where audio quality is poor anyway (such
as on a cheap stereo, or in a car, or on a walkman).


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