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Reasons for removing packages from Debian

After running a few scripts of my own, I've discovered quite a few
packages I have installed that are now completely absent from all Debian

Further processing of the Packages files showed that some of the
vanished packages were from unstable and got replaced by newer versions,
and others because new packages appeared that supplied identical
functionality and Conflicted/Relaced them away.

There are however a number of these packages for which I cannot find, on
my system and within the package management system rationale, any reason
for disappearing, such as:

gnotepad+-help 1.2.0-3.1
kfilereplace 0.6.1-8
libjsw1.2 1:1.2.0-1.2
liblua4 4.1-alpha-4
liblualib4 4.1-alpha-4
libstlport4.0 4.0-0.1
moonlight 0.5.3-6
task-c++-dev 0.5
task-devel-common 0.5
task-tcltk-dev 1.0
xfonts-pex 4.1.0-17

My question is: is there some place (debian webpage, mailing-list
archive, ...) I can check to find out whatever reasons were given for
their removal from Debian? Is this a question better suited for
debian-devel ?

Maybe I'm splitting hairs here, but I like to feel in control of the
machines under my care :)

Carlos Sousa

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