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Newsreaders - newsx 0r suggestion

helloo list,,
I am looking at newsx
At first glance it appears to have features I know and
would use.
In getting it onto my system the dpkg install whinges
for inn and cnews.
apt-get then tells me those packages are "obsolete"
and/or require a 
version of installed deps that are older than those

Easiest is possibly to move to another client.
What is similiar and current?
Ideally I am looking at something similiar to
Fortenics Agent-v18.
I doan want to have to load kde 0r gnome to use this

Thinking that cnews and inn are "server needs" is
there are workaround 
that allows newsx to be installed without these
packages on a workstation?

using 2.4.18-k6 and enough bits of woody to run
'barebones' desktop (wmaker)


"unstable yet breathing"

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