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Re: Disk Corruption

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From: <ajlewis2@intac.com>

> /dev/hdb1    *    1            62        497983+   83    Linux
> /dev/hdb2        63            86        996030      82   Linux swap
> /dev/hdb3      187        3921    30001387+    83   Linux
> /dev/hdb4    3922        4164      1951897+      5   Extended
> /dev/hdb5    3922        4164      1951866      83   Linux

> Early on you said you had 27Gb free.  Your extended partition is only 2Gb.
> Before you go any further, I think it would be good to use fdisk to delete
> /dev/hdb5 and /dev/hdb4.  Remake /dev/hdb4 as extended to use the
remainder of
> the drive.  Then make /dev/hdb5 again and reboot to see if it works.


> Anita

Done.  I should have recognized the size discrepancy.  My new partitions for
hdb4 and hdb5 are:
/dev/hdb4    3922 - 7299    type5    Extended
/dev/hdb5    3922 - 4180    type83    Linux (unformatted)

Also re-ran Lilo, and this did not solve the problem.  As the long string of
"01 01 01 " is scrolling by, the hdd light is lit without thrashing => slow
read of something, right?

What if the boot sector for hda1 is causing problems somehow?  What happens
if I toggle the boot flag on hda1 -> off?  Will that force the lilo-occupied
hdb1 to be booted?  Does it affect the ability to boot WinXP?  Not that I
can boot into windows right now, anyway.

Even though we don't seem to be getting anywhere, I am grateful for your


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