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Re: OI! Turn my screen back on!

 * Person DvB <imasu@earthlink.net> wrote:

>> How can I prevent a semi-headless machine (no keyboard, but
>> occasionally has monitor) from blanking its screen and needing either
>> a keyboard plugged in, or a command executed via ssh that causes a
>> kernel error of some sort, to bring the display back up? Ie. what
>> config file do I need to edit to say "never blank the video output"?
> Section "ServerFlags" in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 maybe?
> xset -dpms might also work (man xset; man XF86Config).

 And if it's not under Xserver, he should try ,,man setterm''.
 [ -powersave [on|vsync|hsync|powerdown|off] ]
 [ -powerdown [0-60] ]
 [ -blank [0-60] ]

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