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Re: CD Burner and ide-scsi emulation

I'm running kernel 2.2.20 and I have ide-scsi
It is a loadable module. It should be visible as a file in
You don't need to move to kernel 2.4.x for this, but there may be other reasons to move that apply to you and not to me. If ide-scsi.o does not show up using locate, you need to learn more than I know about how to get it or generate it.

The magic line in lilo in definitely
and not


Nicos Gollan wrote:

On Saturday 01 February 2003 22:21, Thomas Nyman wrote:
I tried to enable ide-scsi emulation but it doesnt work..there is no such
module found. I installed woody basically with defaults...so I'm kind of
lost as to what to do.

The only thing I can think of right now is that you're running an old kernel that doesn't come with ide-scsi. If your kernel is a 2.2.x kernel, I'd suggest you upgrade to the 2.4.20 kernel.

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