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Re: OT Help with Mozilla

bob parker wrote:
I'm in the middle of using ncftp to download Knoppix iso - 700meg.

As a consequence Moz keeps timing out while I attempt to access other site I regularly use.

Is it possible to increase the time out delay in Mozilla? How?



It looks like you want to adjust the prefernces "network.http.request.timeout" and/or "network.http.connect.timeout". If you have a new enough version of mozilla(I am not sure exactly what is 'new' enough since I follow cvs and this is the first I've seen this feature), you can edit the values by going to the url "about:config" and scrolling down to the preference and right clicking the preference and choosing Modify. The old standby is to add the preference to user.js(manually created in the same directory as prefs.js for your profile) in the form:
user_pref("network.http.request.timeout", <time in seconds>);
and then restart mozilla.

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