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Re: Sound problems

* Duncan Baynes <d_baynes@iprimus.com.au> [030201 13:55]:
> On Sat, 1 Feb 2003 10:55 pm, Johan Ehnberg wrote:

> unfortunatly xmms seems to crash when I have xmmsarts installed.   
> I have problems with programs like winex and mplayer if arts is enabled
> so I just don't bother and run kde with it disabled.
> It would be nice to be able to use it but I'd rather have application
> support.

Okay, I have put my two cents in farther up, and having emerged scarred
but successful from the sound driver compatibility problem this is what
I have found out.

One thing I noticed with Arts is that it will not play sound streams
together, it seems to shut down one and start another as needed, so I
could not get three different sound producing apps producing sound at
the same time, but this is only my own experience.

I use esound (esd), and have sawfish, xmms, realplayer, mplayer and dgen
(sega genesis emulator) all playing well together.

mplayer - In the mplayer docs it says that the sdl drivers are needed to
work with either Artsd or esd.  I had libsdl1.2debian-all installed and
mplayer crashed, it now works with esd when I installed
libsdl1.2debian-esd, there are packages for arts, and oss as well, so
that might help with mplayer

I installed the xmms arts module, and it seemed to work when I had artsd
running, but it was the only thing running at the time, so when kde is
running artsd it might not be letting xmms to have input, don't know.
What I do know is that I have the esound output module activated with
xmms and it plays nicely with mplayer and sawfish.  Realplayer has an
esound option, and it works well as well now, and dgen which used to run
with no sound because the resource was busy, since changing to the sdl
for esd package is working perfectly, and flash no longer hangs the
browser while waiting for sound access.

I don't know if this helps, but I now have happy coexisting sound making
apps, and can make a hell of a racket without anyone crashing.  I hope
this helps.  I have heard of ALSA being whiz-bang, but I think I will
rest and recoup before I go back into that battle.

People complain about setting up X11, hah, that had nothing on sound
card difficulties in my experience.;)

Good luck, and hth.


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