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Re: Root partition stuck in read-only mode.

Lloyd Zusman said:

>   #/dev/sda2   /      ext3   errors=remount-ro     0 1
>   /dev/sda2    /      ext3                         0 1

in the options field try putting 'defaults'

you can also jump to runlevel 1 'init 1', and when you login

mount / -o remount,rw


mount -a

then you should be set ..to edit fstab and stuff.

> Does any of this sound familiar?  Can any of you suggest some
> diagnostics that I can run that might help me zero in on the
> problem?

I think perhaps the lack of anything in the options field made the
system think that your mounting it with the option of '0', which
may mean read-only for all I know :)  Also linux will remount
a filesystem read only if there is excessive errors, either filesystem
or disk/controller based. but this process doesn't affect how the
disk is mounted the next time the system boots. You will see a message
like "Remounting <filesystem> read-only" after seeing a bunch of
errors on the screen if this occurs. It's only occured to me on
a failing disk.


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