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[WAS] pppd on demand problems...


Having now hired a dsl line at home, I connected two Pentium PCs at
home with a notebook functioning as a gateway server for the internet
connection with 

'pon dsl-provider demand idle 60' 

command through a rudimentary firewall (and a sshd session). Setting
up the server I thought:the simplest, the better! Therefore no diald
by far more complicated than ppp on demand which I'd learned had been
somewhat enhanced (it works fine at last, they say), pppoe, openssh,
iptables, kernel 2.4.19, lynx, all for a mere 300 MB of disk space.
Now the problem is that if I launch a "lynx www.debian.org" either
from the server or from a client the ppp session starts immediatedly
and all works fine. But, once closed lynx, ppp doesn't hang up but
stays connected endlessly.

Could you please suggest why this can happen and - above all - the
steps, the tests I should carry out to make it work (please,
straightforward explanation will be highly appreciated!)?


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