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Re: Dual Lilo boot with Debian and RedHat

Andrej Prsa said:

> I would be happy to attach RedHat's grub.conf if it'd help!

mount the redhat  / (or /boot if its a seperate partition) on
debian, copy the kernel to debian's /boot directory

edit /etc/lilo.conf and add an entry such as


change the image, label, and root lines as needed.

run lilo, reboot and get into redhat. You can install redhat's
grub again if you like. I dual boot debian 3.0 and suse 8.1 on
my laptop and opt'd to use suse's bootloader because it's so
damn pretty.

oh, you may need the initrd file as well from the redhat side
else it will probably fail. that would be in /boot too? then
add another line under the root= line that says
initrd=/boot/filename_which_has_the_initrd . I think thats the
right option, been a while since I used it.


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