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Re: 384mb RAM installed but 57mb recognized at bootup..........huh ?

Courtney Thomas said:
> Greetings !
> The motherboard specs say that pc100 ram should be used and I've
> installed pc133. Is this a problem ?
> Else, how can this be remedied ?

in /etc/lilo.conf



if the system crashes when booting, try changing
it to 383M instead, some systems pre-allocate up to 1MB
for other things, which causes a crash when the kernel tries
to re-allocate it. you can probably test this at the lilo boot
prompt before changing lilo.conf by hitting the shift key when
you see the LILO word, it should come up with a LILO: prompt
and you can type

linux mem=384M

(though I have not personally tried this, it should work ?)

be sure to run lilo & reboot afterwards.

This shouldn't happen on the 2.4.x kernel, the memory detection
routines were much improved. but it did happen on some systems
with the 2.2.x kernel, though most of mine(~95%) did not need this


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