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Re: Flickering

Harshu said:
> Hi folks,
> I have this problem of flickering when running running X session. I guess
> it is due to in appropriate refresh rate. I have a 15" moniter that comes
> as a part of dell dimension 4300 config.
> I am running  session at 1024x768 resolution with hysnc and vsync to be
> 3-50 and 50-150 that I entered during xserver-xfree86 configuration.

It could be a driver bug(depends on how bad the flickering is), but
a hsync of 3-50 doesn't look right either. Perhaps you mean 30-50 ?
I have 1 system with a 15" monitor(X 3.3.6), which has a Hsync of
31.5-48.5 and a Vrefresh of 55-90(Princeton E0500 is the monitor, but
I also use it on a Gateway 15" with the same config).


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