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Re: Howto redirect output from a terminal


  If you start screen, then start your application, you can detach the
  screen session while leaving your application running and then later,
  reattach to the same screen session from home.  You're app will still
  be running and you'll be able to see the output.  Another solution
  might be to use the script utility that captures all output to a file:

  see 'man script'

  You can then tail -f the file that script is sending its' output to.


On Wed, Jan 29, 2003 at 02:18:11PM -0600, Michael Kahle wrote:
> > From: sean finney wrote:
> > heya,
> > 
> > i'd suggest either nohup or screen.  the former is dirt 
> > simple but not very featureful, and the second is the opposite.
> OK, I just installed screen, very cool program, but not what I am looking
> for.  I need to be able to run a program in a window.  Then when later
> logging into this machine remotely be able to view the output of a program
> that is running in the X terminal window that I started earlier when I was
> at the console.  Does that make more sense?  I read the man page for nohup,
> this is not going to do what I am asking.
> Thanks!
> Michael
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