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Re: Samba home share

Curtis Vaughan wrote:

Very strange problem.

All of my samba shares from a single server are available except my home share. Although I can mount it, there is nothing in the share. If, however, I go to the server and look in my home directory, all files are there.

Any ideas?


It is a permission problem. The home directory's dirs and file permissions don't allow the user of the smb share to see and use the dirs and files.

"ls -nas /home" will show you how this works. Note the UID numbers. Different for each user, starts with root at 1000.

The user dirs and files are owned by the respective user. This effectively locks out any others use of the directory. Would you want Bob to view Tom's private files, not likely. I don't think you want other users through the smb share to muck with private user files either. Usually all the user config data is stored there, so changes could be harmful.

Have you tried samba SWAT to try and reduce the permissions to what you want? SWAT simplifies setting permissions up.

What I recommend ...
Set up a common pub dir in /home and use it as the common shares for users and smb. This is where my smb share is established. Set the permissions to "chmod a+rwx -R /home/pub" that way any user or smb share will be able to get to the files and do what they want.

I would recommend the /home user dirs and files be left alone and not opened to the world.

But it is LINUX so you can do what you want.


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