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moving Woody /usr partition

I've just bought a 40gig IDE hard drive which I want 
to put as /dev/hdb on a spare box, replacing a 4.3
gig drive there at the moment.

I installed Woody whilst leaving Potato on this box
and I've only now realised I did a sloppy job.
/dev/hda contains all of Woody except /usr which I
put on hdb (hdb8 - 1.2gig) as there was surplus 
space there. Nothing else on hdb needs to be retained.

If possible I'd like to avoid reinstalling Woody onto the
new drive (and it's no use waiting for it to crash as it
never does). I can find a 3gig primary partition on hda
which I could use in whole or part to take /usr. But how
to transfer it there? I have partition magic and parted
and have been looking at these, but am reluctant to 'have
a go' - there seem a number of imponderables.

Has anyone on the list had to do this? If so, I shall
appreciate any guidance.

Regards,                John.

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