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Re: M$ Curse

Robert L. Harris said:

> If it doesn't like your filesystem boot off the CD and start a
> re-install.  When it gets to the point of formatting your hard drive hit
> alt-F2 and follow the directions to get a prompt.

this makes a pretty big assumption that the kernels on the debian CD are
compadible. Neither the standard kernel nor the bf2.4 kernel worked on the
system I installed last week (Dual P2-450, 1GB ram, 2x Ultra2 SCSI disks
connected to Adaptec AHA-2940U2W). And since, I've modified it further with
raid 0.90 with root on raid, and reiserfs as my filesystems. Originally the
compact kernel worked to get the install, but now that kernel is useless on
that machine as well.

I only mention this because the poster mentioned having a custom kernel,
though wasn't specific on exactly how custom.

hopefully the next major revision of debian will allow you to load drivers
from the CD without having a disk. There was an option to load drivers from
floppies, but I'd had to copy the drivers file(~9MB) to another system,
extract it, and hope I could find the driver(s) needed. Maybe debian 2.2
was the same in this regaurd, since the default kernel there works fine on
my SCSI cards I never was in such a situation.

I think most of the fault lies in the huge size of the 2.4.x kernel, I mean
it's about 35-45% bigger then a 2.2.x kernel with the same features. Which
makes it difficult to make boot disks for as a result. I can fit a fully
bloated 2.2.x kernel with everything I could possibly need in the same
space as an ultra stripped down 2.4.20 kernel(~800kb). Sofar all my
2.4.19/20 kernel builds have been 1.2MB, my biggest 2.2.x kernel is
847kb. My average 2.2.x kernel looks to be about 750kb. I think my
average 2.0.x kernel was around 500kb, so I guess the growth is consistant:<


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