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Re: tune2fs ext2 -> ext3

Dave Selby wrote:

Im planning to turn my ext2 to an ext3 .... after a system crash due to a winmodem driver running with dependency problems ..
OK I get the bit about

tune2fs -j /dev/hda2

I dont get the bit about

touch /forcefsck ????

touch changes the file timestamps ? I cant find a reference to forcefsck in its man or info pages. Is it a switch of some kind ?

I can understand doing a fsck, but this command sequence has thrown me !!

Can anyone shed light ??


It's just a "flag" file for the init scripts to check. On my box:

westk[@fs154l1]:/etc/init.d> grep forcefsck *
checkfs.sh:    if [ -f /forcefsck ]
checkfs.sh:rm -f /fastboot /forcefsck
checkroot.sh:    if [ -f /forcefsck ]

So these scripts know that if this file exists, they need to do something.


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