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Re: Some myths regarding apt pinning

Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com> writes:

> [ ... ]
>    but the point is that pinning is not very good because you either
>    bring a number of important packages from unstable (libc6, perl etc)
>    or you simply cannot use it. reading of the manual page and checking
>    the apt-listchanges does not solve the problem. i.e. you recommend
>    pinning, person reads the manpage, tries pinning and finds out that
>    it was pretty much pointless excercise because it would upgrade large
>    part of the system to unstable. or yet another wording: Adrian Bunk
>    wasn't complaining about system actually upgrading packages but about
>    system trying to upgrade packages.
> 	erik

I want to be sure that I understand the significance of this.  Are you
saying that pinning a certain package, say "randompackage", to
"unstable" in /etc/apt/preferences is worse than doing this the first
time that "randompackage" is installed? ...

  apt-get -t unstable install randompackage

Or do these two methods have equally undesirable effects?

 Lloyd Zusman

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