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Re: Software raid 1 w/raidhotadd

Alvin Oga said:

> did you make a boot floppy w/  the same kernel you're using in lilo.conf
> 	- try using syslinux to make your boot floppy
> 		http://www.Linux-Consulting.com/Boot/
> 		( see the Boot.syslinux section )

yep made a boot floppy, but made it manually, the system pukes when
it tries to load the scsi driver. lots of bus timeouts, and eventually
just hangs. Tried 2 different aic7xxx drivers, and 3-4 different kernel
configs(based on 2.4.20).

> you do NOT install lilo into each disk separately, as if it was separate
> disks

but if disk 1 fails, there is no bootloader on disk 2 ..so I need some
sort of bootloader on disk 2 if I am to try to boot this way. Unless I
can get a workin boot disk.

> to boot a scsi device...you will invariably need to use initrd to
> install your scsi driver modules unless it is compiled into your kernel

yep, driver compiled in the kernel, took a while to configure a kernel
small enough! 2.4.x is huge!

> use the /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.19 or whatever it is you used to boot normally

I could try that, last time I tried(actually tried with 'make bzdisk' it
failed). But I sorta expect it to fail since the driver is the same(I
compiled my boot disk against the same tree I compiled my normal kernel from).

my bootdisk is a custom one, with lilo and the kernel. There's another
way in debian to make a bootdisk(I think maybe it was the SYSLINUX as you
mentioned), but last time I tried this, I could not figure out how to
pass command line options to the kernel(e.g. different root, or
init=/bin/bash) which made the disk very limited in it's usefulness

it takes a while to load LILO onto the floppy but it does work. Takes forever
to boot too, about 3 mintues to load the kernel from floppy.

thanks again


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